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Others have said that Kaneko's action shouldn't constitute a crime, since he didn't infringe copyright himself, but that he just created software that could be used for that purpose.They also state that the claims of Kaneko's intent by his critics are unprovable (or outright false), as Kaneko's noted statements are too vague to be interpreted as having the intent claimed by critics.The software was developed by Isamu Kaneko, who was a research assistant in graduate course of computer engineering at the University of Tokyo in Japan.He was also once a researcher at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.At the time of the two users' arrests, the Kyoto Police claimed to have "analyzed Winny's anonymity features" to track the users down, but did not disclose the exact method used.It later turns out, as the details of the method used were disclosed at Kaneko's first day of trial, that this statement was not entirely accurate — It was areas where Winny did not provide anonymity that the Police used to track users down.That information includes governmental documents, information about customers, and people's private files.

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Software implementation requires use of the Steam Mobile app.Recently, highly publicised cases of sensitive file uploading have come to light in Japan's media.In particular, a defense agency was forced to admit that classified information from the Maritime Self Defense Force was uploaded by a computer with Winny software installed on it.According to the Free Kaneko website, he warned users not to share illegal material using the software.Some people have uploaded their information unwittingly from their computers because of Antinny.

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