Bloglovin app not updating

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There are some new and less tacky follow widgets available now for inclusion on your blog.

By visiting the Widgets page, you can choose which option suits your site best and easily install it with a simple code.

My 'stack of cards' doesn't add anything to my reading experience, and the 'Today' posts sometimes come up as a single card taking up the whole screen, adding extra swipes to get through my list.

The basics The verdict You may have already caught on to the fact that Bloglovin' is coming out ahead for me. ) Firstly, an extra feature of Bloglovin' means you can register ownership of your blog, and keep track of how many Bloglovin' followers you have.

Bloglovin’ is a great resource and directory for bloggers who are looking to expand their reach.You will use your blog’s profile URL when you promote your page as opposed to your personal one.You can find the direct links to your blog profiles by visiting your own personal profile (the Username URL as shown in the image above) and clicking on the “Blogs” link(s) as shown below: You can view this on my own personal profile right here if you like.If you just want a list of all the posts, of all the blogs you follow piled up in one place, then Feedly will do you fine.If you are interested in recommending great blogs and posts to other readers, discovering new blogs and pulling together a collection of interesting things, then Bloglovin' is the reader for you.

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