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Before the couple's divorce, the two were in the process of adopting a child, but Dean withdrew his name from the adoption papers and Mary Jo carried on as a single parent.Her daughter, Lola, is now 12'I think he had some issues with spending when we were married, but nothing that derailed our marriage.'He appears different.'I wasn't going to participate in a circus anymore, so I just took it into my own hands.'Dean is once again at risk of being sent to jail if he cannot come up with the money he owes.'Now that we are going back to court for a second time for contempt of court, it's jail time,' Mary Jo said.'People say do you want him to go to jail? It's just to get him to honor his commitment.'How could somebody not do everything in their power to avoid that situation? So many women go through this situation where they can't get their child support and it profoundly affects their lives. Despite his perilous financial situation, Dean and Tori, 44, have been seen all over social media living it up with exotic, luxury vacations and blowout spending sprees. Candy Spelling is paying for everything so there's no impetus to get a job.'Mary Jo is at a loss to explain her ex-husband's lifestyle – and it's not something Dean has ever attempted to justify.

Now he is at college, Jack has distanced himself from the chaos surrounding his father and step-mom Mary Jo now raise her two kids on her own, Jack and daughter Lola.Canadian TV star Mary Jo says the most painful part of the ordeal has been watching her their 19-year-old son, Jack suffer.'When my son went to university, he didn't get any financial support from his father.The one thing that his dad was going to do for him was pay his rent and he bounced his rent.'It jeopardized his roommates and the apartment.At the time, Dean tearfully told the court: 'I'm not contesting any of this, your honor.I've fallen on hard times, she knows this, she's taken this step.'Mary Jo recalled: 'We went in front of the judge and he said, "Do you want to go out in the hall and try to work this out?

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