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Many experts argue that this cannot be simple coincidence.

Art arrived in Europe with modern humans, they say.

The first sparks of artistic creativity are seen in carved figurines found at various sites throughout Europe.

The antiques consist of parts of historic pillars and antiques the size of a piece exceeds one meter, belonging and dating back to Sheba civilization era.As proof, they point to the Vogelherd caves near Ulm, Germany, where a dozen figurines of this vintage, as well as stone tools, were unearthed alongside Homo sapiens remains in 1931.However, no one had proved that the Vogelherd bones and artwork were the same age, says Nicholas Conard of the University of Tübingen, Germany, who led the new study. “It sounds plausible, but you need evidence.” We haven’t found this in an easily accessible free news outlet, but will post it when we do.For years archaeologists have clung to the idea that only truly modern humans were artists, and that our Neanderthal cousins spent their entire evolutionary lifetime as boorish philistines.But fresh analysis of a prized set of human bones has dealt a body blow to this cherished theory.

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