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He was especially anxious for news about his children, Max in particular.Walter had managed to smuggle messages to Ruth First, who was in London by then, asking her to find out why Max had not gone to school and to remind him that he could go into the military only after he completed his education.

Nkuli says, don't worry wena Tata ngenye imini ndizakuthengela i Birthday Cake enkulu namakhandela ayo (Daddy, one day I will buy you a big birthday cake with candles). Until the early hours of Tuesday morning, Mandela sat with his aides writing a tribute to Sisulu.

In 1948 the main white 'Afrikaner' nationalist party, the Herenigde Nasionale Party (Reunited National Party) under the leadership of Protestant cleric Daniel Francois Malan, campaigned on its policy of apartheid.

Albertina Sisulu was a deputy president of the women's league of the African National Congress and members came to her funeral in the green, black and gold robes they wear when attending a league ceremony.

Nkuli's most despairing moments came in 1984 when her mother, who had been in detention for almost a year, was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, of which two were suspended, for furthering the aims of the ANC.

In spite of the silence imposed on her, she had come to be recognised as a national leader and it was while she was sitting in a jail cell, in August 1983, that she was selected as a co-president of the UDF.

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