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Sure, you might not usually read something about money but if you read between the lines it will be pretty easy to tell if she wants some kind of “support” or just fun and adventure with a foreigner or actually a serious relationship.I’ve already mentioned it before: There may be hundreds of thousands of open minded Filipina girls active on Pina Love, but then most of them receive messages all the time so you should take a little effort in making your profile stand out from the mass.Ask her if she likes cats and say you love them too (hopefully you do! Does she have a photo of her on the beach or at some other beautiful destination?Ask her if she likes traveling and if she has ever been abroad.Of course they also got a premium membership account but you don’t really need that one in order to arrange dates with the girls.This is without doubt the best way to arrange dates with Filipina girls for free: Pina Another reason why Pina Love has become so popular is because the owners really did a great job designing the site: The navigation is extremely easy, like you can send private messages to the girls right on her profiles instead of opening another window, the search function is actually working perfectly fine unlike most other sites that don’t even take an effort adding a third gender for the “ladyboys” and causing a lot of bad surprises (well, depending what you are looking for) and the design as such is very attractive.

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You could then go to the latter group and ask them like “Hey, you don’t like my profile? While some of them just write like “Hello, nice to meet you” in the headline and “Looking to find new friends here” down in the paragraph, most Filipina girls write up several sentences explaining where they are from, what they are doing and most importantly: What they are looking for.

And then obviously the second part of creating your profile would be to add some of your personal information.

It’s not compulsory, but since you don’t have to mention your real name anywhere on the site there aren’t any concerns regarding your personal data.

In this review I will show you the different functions of Pina Love and how you can arrange your dates with the girls.

I already touched the search function, it’s very simple to filter the members according to your preferences: Gender (girls/ladyboys/guys), age (you can search for exact age ranges), education (no education, elementary school, high school, college, Bachelors degree, Masters degree, PHD), height, weight and very interesting: has children (yes or no).

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