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They own their own businesses and thats how they earn their money. Gypsies dont really talk about money and usually they're possessions are they're money hence the jewellery and cars..

Keeping their money safe as my grandad used to say It is quite rare for Gypsies to actual travel now most live on permanent sites (camps).

Of course you will get the odd Gypsies who will just as you will get the odd regular joe bloggs doing it too..

I think this show is going to show people alot more of the Gypsy life and values and hopefully more people will have slightly more respect for them instead of the usual "stories" and "views".

I think it must be hard if a girl wanted to go to uni or not to get married -its just not a option really. Most of the children go to school upto the start of high school then there are Home Taught with a teacher coming out to see the work.

Yes there is good and bad in the traveller world but come on be honest there is good and bad on ever estate, only thing is the news paper love telling us if a Traveller has done something wrong. Gypsy people are very house proud and work very hard for their family.

I know the men go out to work etc but whateve they are doing i want a jag lol xx I have no problems with gypsys way of life.

They think they dont pay tax, they think they are dirty, they think that they all steal and rob When really none of thats true.

In the past 2 years I've seen two gypsy sites and then seen them after they left and they were an utter mess with gas canisters and rubbish lying around.

As for that programme, those dresses are HORRIFIC looking!!

Hey all, ive just earlier watched properly the gypsy wedding programme.

I loved it, i know alot dont agree with there old fashioned values but i have to say some of those girls remind me of myself i do think there dresses are alittle other the top but there other dresses and clothes worn was my style plus i love been an home maker looking after the kids and looking after home while my man goes out to work, i just really respect the old fashioned values.

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