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In fact, it was just after lunch the next day when Emily received the call from Chloe, and an hour later she was knocking on our front door.Knowing I would be in the way, I kissed her on the cheek then left so they could talk in private.

Of course, that had led to an argument, then tears, followed by more arguing that had left her a wreck.

It was a proven technique, and just like countless other times, it wasn't long before her writhing body and her soft mews of pleasure let me know she was on her way to an orgasm.

"Oh....darling......" she whimpered, as she pulled her legs back. " I asked, breaking just for a moment, but her hands were quick to guide me back into place.

Arriving home, the two empty Chardonnay bottles on the counter and my wife's red eyes informed me that she was hammered. "She tries but he is being forceful and you know she can't stand confrontation. "Keep talking to him," she replied, and although it sounded inadequate, I couldn't think of a better approach. "Mmmm...." I moaned into her ear, as my hand drifted lower.

" about it," I said after grabbing a beer from the fridge and moving to the living room, with Emily right behind. " my wife announced, using language that was exceedingly rare for her. Everything has to be resolved with's how she's made up," she answered. It wasn't long before Emily disappeared, and after a bit I went looking for her, finding her passed out on our bed. Emily was slightly wet when my fingers found her smooth slit, and after playing with her for a while, I moved my head under the sheets.

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