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Bookseller: 9132589 CANADA INC, Random House Books for Young Readers, 1989-12-09. Brand New: This item is brand new unopened, never used and still in its original manufacturer condition. No International Shipping No International Shipping. I'll rate this animated short 4 points out of 10.Most modern kids are too jaded to like this sort of thing.In Pal's animated version, EVERY hat after the first one is extremely elaborate, and each hat is different that we get no sense of them becoming increasingly complicated. Bookseller: Firefly Bookstore, Random House Childrens Books. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this item.

When he removes this second hat, an identical third hat replaces it... From this point, the hats gradually become more complicated: one hat sprouts a feather, the next has two feathers, until the 500th and last hat becomes very elaborate indeed.Parents need to know that this is an entrancing read-aloud.Bartholomew faces perils cheerfully, correctly assuming that his own blamelessness will carry him through -- he models good sense, optimism, and self-esteem.See full summary » Jasper's desire for a ripe, red watermelon leads him to fabulous Watermelonland where he meets adventures that lessen his desire for watermelon and increases his wish to be back in the security of his Mammy's arms.Almost all of the children's books by Ted Geisel ("Dr Seuss") were written in rhymed couplets.

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