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Modders recently discovered that their customized Xbox 360 consoles were banned from Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

The latest sweep took out around 600,000 to one million consoles, hunting down modified firmware and locking the units off the network Microsoft said that in order to get back online, modders would need a new Xbox 360 console.

A potential penalty for repeated occurrences of console bans or other violations of the Terms of Service is an account ban.

Unlike a console ban, which only affects the hardware, account bans restrict violators from accessing achievements and other rewards gained online through Xbox Live play.

If a console is banned for violations of the Terms of Use, the unit will not be repaired under any circumstances.

For users that open and tamper with the console, this may become an issue in the future.

Various gaming sites are reporting that the official April Xbox 360 system update re-enables hard drive functionality on banned Xbox 360 consoles.

Still, the update relies on free tools provided online, however modders should be aware that both the modded console and the un-modded console cannot access Live at the same time (as both use the same CPU key).

This holiday season Microsoft has a special surprise in store for “naughty” Xbox 360 hackers — a particular sweeping ban that relies on spotting modified drive firmware.

Rolled out starting last week, the ban, according to sources, blocks the installation of games on the Xbox hard drive, blocks the Windows Media Player media extender, corrupts saves/Gamertags used on the machine, and most significantly prevents the console from accessing Xbox Live.

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