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Her normal dominance appearing to diminish in his presence. Moving from pec to pec enjoying the firmness of their shape on his lips. Daisy guessed his age at mid forties by his facial appearance which was surrounded by a flowing mane of dark hair which hung over his shoulders. She seemed almost in awe as she embraced him warmly. Daisy knew not why but the smell of Martin's musk stirred him to nuzzle and lick at his seducer's hairless pecs. Until the fateful day, driven by his new longings, his mother caught him wearing some of her underwear. He remembered that they would both be dressed in finest lingerie sat before the television watching videos that his Aunt insisted Daisy should watch. Subconsciously Daisy placed an arm around Martin's neck and drew him in. "Ladies feel free to express yourself as you enjoy the show." Timidly at first Tania placed her left hand onto her right breast and began to gently knead it threw her satin blouse. That's the way she wanted it and thanks to his own embarrassment that was the way it had stayed. His memories drifted back to his time with his Aunt again. His inner protests were now being subdued by a stronger voice telling him to enjoy the experience. "You're mother doesn't know what's best for you my sweet. But as time went by he found himself willingly questioning her authority so that he could be further humiliated and subdued. "Martin doesn't want to know what you want unless I tell you so. " Daisy took two steps towards the exit of the lounge. Daisy continued to move towards the lounge exit but felt a firm hand on his left shoulder stop his movements. After what seemed like an age to Daisy, Martin withdrew. " All the while his Aunt continued to apply pressure on his cock as it grew in the satin material. Daisy was seemingly being driven to new levels of desire.

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Phoebe stood simultaneously as Daisy arrived by her side. At 5' 8" tall Daisy was hardly a tall man, and even though his heels gave him added stature his Aunt's own footwear ensured that they were at eye level. Daisy could tell by the look on his Aunt's face that he had wronged her and dutifully dropped his gaze to he floor.Anna made muffled sounds as she battled for air whilst continuing with the ministrations to her Mistress's gash. Martin slowly withdrew before once again working his cock within Daisy's mouth.The pungent musk from Phoebe's cunt grew as Anna continued her work and Daisy was beside himself with want as he watched the two women at play. He did this a few more times before Daisy took charge of the rocking motion. Daisy's mind was re-focused by the return of Tania who was accompanied by a rugged looking man dressed in a blue denim suit. " Martin smiled a broad bright smile and grabbed at his crotch. Martin swiftly removed his jacket and then his t-shirt before kicking off his boots revealing naked feet and placed his hand at the back of Daisy's head pressing it gently against his chest. So when Phoebe determined that her preference was more for a nephew than niece, she found that there was little fight from her charge. "Oh my darling Martin, this is a special event which I know you will enjoy. She'll be good and tight for you as you work her ass." Daisy's eye flew wide. His lipstick smeared lips were spread and wanting to re-engage with Martin. How could any woman, even a sissified version, refuse his charms.

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