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For a longer discussion, see my article “When is a white paper NOT a white paper.” Back to top White papers and blog posts are usually quite simple to tell apart.

White papers are usually PDF downloads of 3,000 to 5,000 words.

Numbered lists provide a light and lively roundup of highlights about some issue #3.

Problem/solutions recommend a new, improved solution for a nagging business or technical problem You can effectively combine two of these flavors: This yields five main flavors of white papers.

For some better clues, look at the content and format of these documents: The content of a white paper provides useful information for business people seeking to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Today’s “typical” white paper is 6 to 8 pages long, shorter than in past years.

Back to top White papers come in many different types, with no accepted system for labeling them precisely.

You can’t effectively combine all three, because of the different viewpoints of a problem/solution and a backgrounder.

A problem/solution is like looking at the wide view of a whole industry with a telescope.

between a dry-as-dust academic paper and an annual report. But some white papers are as colorful as a cereal box.

The typical white paper is distributed as a PDF on the web.

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